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A focus change and in search of...

A focus change and in search of...


As a part of my desire to educate to masses, and as a reason for creating Drako's Den (and Playground):


I have decided to shift the focus of the site ever so slightly to ensure that visitors are aware that we are a Fetish and Kink friendly website.


We also put up a full webpage on both sites explaining the Fetish and Kink lifestyle, how furries are automatically a part of that (even if they wish to so adamantly deny that fact), and that the Fetish and Kink lifestyle DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SEXUAL.


We also tell users that we will not allow any kink shaming, and welcome users of all walks.


And while we do say that kink doesn't have to be sexual, there is a sexual element to the kink lifestle.

(Honestly, everything we do and say - and I mean EVERYTHING, regardless of how innocent - could be introduced into that sexual element.)


With that being said, we tell users to embrace their kinky selves and just have fun.

We shouldn't worry so much what the media portrays us as (or misrepresents us as) - since they do it for ratings, they are bound to over-sexualize it.


Because if we face the facts - SEX SELLS.

(Seriously, look at how are commercials are so heavily ridden in sexual innuendos.)


So, lets all check out the steamy hot Drako's Den (we got hot tubs to play in) at:


(That got your attention, didn't it?)



Also, as a part of the site's focus to embrace kinky lifestyles, I have put myself (and my junk) on the line.


Anyone who goes to Drako's Den (And jumps in the steamy hot tub with Drako) is given a unique oppurtunity.

It is an oppurunity to own a part of myself:

Anyone who visits the site can actually sign up to be my key holder.

You could get up to a month long session where you get to keep me in chastity.

And since I am a lil kinky kitty, I am willing to give my you daily proof of said chastity in the form of pictures.


Also, I am seeking keyholders since I currently have none on my waitlist.


So, if you are kinky like me and want to lock me up, check out Drako's Den:


(Or contact me on Telegram)

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