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A summary of events so far

The internet truly is amazing.  You can find almost anything online.  I don't just mean things you can buy but people, go ahead search for transexual penguins who love to eat, I don't know apples.  It might take you some time but I bet you will eventually find some.  As it turns out furs who live with or enjoy transformation, cubs, age play and diapers are a lot easier to find than odd flightless birds.  Or maybe since dragons are magical this is a lot more common than I originally thought.  Maybe I need to get a proper doctor and ask them.


I had always seen cubs and diaper wearing online but I never really paid much attention to them before.  It always seemed odd, not that I completely lacked any kind of sympathy for them but I knew it happened and just never questioned it.  Apparently magic is a tad more troublesome than I had thought sometimes a once in a lifetime encounter can result in permanent side effects.  It seems that aside from a plethora of magical trinkets there are certain forest spirits and even a fountain of youth. Given what I have learned I don't suggest you seek any of them out unless you are completely sure you don't mind being a little cub for the rest of time.


Funny how they leave that part out of the legends “hey look you can be young forever” wink wink nudge nudge. “Hope you like wearing diapers.”


I will try to avoid hosting a lecture on the how and why of magic so for now let's just accept that we are out there and talk is cheap.


With all the looking around you might think I knew the technical name for magical age regression but honestly it is just a guess.  Everyone assumes that us dragons know everything about magic but honestly most forms of magic work differently and again I would rather avoid a lecture on the subject. Had I paid any attention I might have learned that M.A.R. tends to be a progressive condition.  


I had just had a pretty good day as an adult dragon when the phone rang.  I answered it.  It was just an old friend and we chatted for quite a bit i hadn't really noticed my reversion until the worst thing I could imagine happened. I don't even remember what we were talking about what I do remember is suddenly realising I needed a new change of clothes.  My friend could not see or smell me but I blushed all the same.  I politely ended the conversation and made my way into the bathroom for a shower.   What the hell was wrong with me bedwetting was one thing and at this point I had pretty much assumed it was all stress related.  Let me tell you stress will do some funny things to you but this episode was unprovoked and during the daytime.  After I cleaned up I dried off and put a diaper on I had no desire for a repeat performance.  I stayed a whelp for the rest of the day and well into the next morning.  I did not feal young I sat there and did paperwork and other adult things that just needed to be done I even managed to make it to the potty, well when I was awake that is.  I wish I knew how to reverse the process so I could be an adult on demand.  I don't always change into a whelp when I try too but nesting and acting like a whelp is normally enough to trigger the change. So why does acting like a big dragon not do the same thing?


 Things just kept happening so I started keeping diapers and training pants on me at all times.  Thank heavens I did I even ended up at my yearly checkup as a whelp.  For those of you wondering why my doctor and I did not talk about it.  I can not tell if my doctor does not know who I am or if he just ignores me because I am a dragon.  I swear I could walk in holding my own severed head and he would hardly blink. In his own defence almost nothing he does works anyways and as a dragon lots of my problems start and stop without proper notice.  I can just imagine the conversation would have gone about like this.


Doctor I am a whelp.

I know.

This is not normal.

Of course it is everyone ages.

I am a dragon.

You are also red, now are we done stating obvious facts.


Instead I showed up dealt with the phlebotomist, enjoyed the cooing of the nurses and decided i would be happy I got a candy out of the whole ordeal.


If my doctor was going to just ignore the obvious I was not about to correct him.


I have meet a few people online and even meet some in person everybody seems so nice but I haven't set up any playdates yet.  I am still embarrassed about the whole thing. Admittedly I would probably benefit from having an adult around not just to help change diapers but I am not quite sure icecream and candy counts as a meal.  Also the stove is a little tricky to deal with as a whelp.

So much explaining and so little story but more or less I think you get the point maybe I will take some time and write a proper story or two rather than just talk about the problem.  But here we are up to date on what I know and what has been happening. That was the point wasn't it?

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