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Adult diapers and baby diapers

So here's an interesting web of ideas. Do you prefer baby or adult diapers? Why and why not. Also if they made an adult exact replica of baby diapers would you wear it? Again why or why not.

Diaperkitsune26 08.21.2019 7 134
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  •  DebbyCross: 

    I would love exact replica's of baby diapers. For an ab its the holy grail of diapers.


     4 days ago 
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  •  DanielABDL_1: 

    The differences intrigue me too

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  •  Minkihuggie: 

    There the same thing more or less just scaled up!

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  •  DLDude279: 

    I like both honesty but if I had to really choose it’s be baby. But can’t fit them so adult. 

    Second yes totally would especially if they were camo!! :)

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  •  babyboymitch: 
    • Yes I would love it if they made adult diapers exactly the same as baby diapers. I think many abdl diapers have way too much on them. I especially dislike it when the sides of abdl diapers are colored like all of tykables diapers, little paws and cushies v2. Colored sides makes it look more like a pull up than an actual diaper. I prefer the way most baby diapers look over most abdl diapers.
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