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Any real true honest mothers or single mother that would adopt.

One question to ask all , I don't care if your married and with children or single with children as I have a right to have a life. What I am trying to day is that there are many ladies on here that are trying to get money out of this more than anything else, and then play a game with them. I am a person that has never in my whole life have a real mother of my own or a family to talk to do you all should feel sorry for me. I am one that found the main reason why I was put in a orphanage , my mother died giving birth to me at the age of 18 and she was classed as a mentality disabled, and the father was at the age of 17 and he was also disabled and their families didn't want to know me and put me into care. The first give years I have no nollege of but from age six in a special school I had problems starting as when I never moved when needing the toilet or moved as other children noticed it and told the teacher, the teacher asked me why and not say that I need the toilet, I replied I didn't feel the need and it happened. The teacher took my to the nursery and asked the nurse to put me in diapers and keep me he until school is over, and when school was over the career that was looking after me felt shocked and as me why I did so I explained. The career took me back to the orphanage and told them why I'm here, and that's how my life started. From the age of six to ten I was kept with the babies and toddlers but they tried to make me leave the diapers and never could do, so they would only great me as a baby by dressing me like a baby and feeding me and bottle feeding me natural baby foods and formula just like a natural baby 24/7 and the kept me diapered also. When I hit 11 I was taken out of orphanage and was placed in a special care home and have a room of my own that was made out as a nursery with a large crib, large changing table, wardrobe, and a gate at the door, plus their was two camera's in the room, and many babish toys and teddies. They also tried to help me to grow out of it for many years but nothing worked and they just treated me as a baby as did before and still being feed like a baby and bottle feed. Things changed and happened to me as getting older as thing's happened to me as couple of nurses did one day by letting me out with the toddlers to play and I got picked on and got beaten up by kids older than me, as they didn't know that I have a problem, so my body has scares from it all. At the age of 15 I was taken to a special hospital for children and their they kept me on a ward with toddlers for time to time and most of the time they kept me with the babies as I was dressed like one. They also kept me their for time to time and even place me where the newborn are kept, I was in and out of that hospital for five to six years , plus a lot of thing's happened as thing's ended up closing down and I had to try and do things for myself at the age of 25 my doctor helped me by finding a place for me to stay and the doctor also found me a job as a part time cleaner at a nursery and also told me that she explained to them about me and the needs I need like that I am still wearing diapers and that I have never been in school. This is the point I want to forget everything in my past and why I said from start the one question for all kind of mothers single or not as I have dreamed for many years now and still my dream is not coming true or is it just me, I don't care if anyone classed me as mentally disabled or special needs as if they are 100% willing to adopt me as one of their own and do everything possible for me. I have dreamed for being a baby again and live a life as one by belonging to them as there biological baby forever and that they would do all the same things to me as if I was their natural baby by taking me out with them wherever they go, even show baby of to all friends and family members, and even take baby to doctors and inform them me. I don't care if you feed me natural baby foods and bottle feed formula more than anything else as you're have everything over me and control my life as you're natural biological baby, one other thing to day is that I have never been breast feed before and if you want to try and get me to latch on and then latch off you may try or just want to bottle feed me natural baby formula, shall all be up to you...

If any like please leave a message below.


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