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Anyone fancy a turn owning a kitty-dragon? (18+)

Due to the subject matter of this journal, it is only for those over the age of 18.


So I recently checked my wait list on "Lock Drako Up" which is a service on Drako's Den and noticed that I have had no new sign ups and the list was dwindling down to less than 5 people.


This was because I made some small adjustments to the page:

1.  I added a Donations/Tips section so people may tip me to help me keep offering this service - and help me keep my site open.

2.  I added a tidbit about the possibility for extra perks for any key holders that may be local to me or may have local friends.


So, what am I offering?

To do something different on my community site, Drako's Den, (aside from allowing users to post art and RL photos) I began offering a service that would allow site visitors to sign up for turns locking me in chastity.  In turn letting anyone get a turn owning me for up to 6 weeks at a time.


Anyone who signs up will get a turn as my key holder and during their turn, they will get daily pix of me in my cage/underwear.


As a key holder, you do not have to do anything other than sign up, however:

You do have the option to setup the session for me.

You do have the option to choose my cage/underwear.  (And how often I change underwear.)

You do have options for me using toys and/or playing with me.

There are more perks on Drako's Den.


The service is free, but I do accept tips/donations.


I also encourage anyone to join me on Drako's Den Chat, and/or to post to Drako's Den as well.


Currently, there are 5 people on the wait list.

I will begin posting a reminder of this service with the monthly Art Contest Updates too.


If you'd like a turn owning me, you can sign up on Drako's Den:

Just look for Lock Drako Up and sign up there.


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