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Are there any kind, caring mother or mommies

To all mothers and single mommies that are wanting a adult baby to think about this as I am wanting a life as a helpless 6 month old baby boy that is controlled by a mother or a single mommy that would have me as there natural baby and be able to do all same things to me as if I was there real natural baby. As I shall only eat natural baby foods and snacks for a six month old and be bottle feed natural baby formula from a natural baby bottle, Plus if any mothers or mommies that want to breast feed me shall have to train baby to latch on and then latch off as this baby has never done before. I hope there is such a mother or a mommy that cares and would also keep her baby with her all the time and even if they go out for a walk or do what mothers and mommies do with there babies. The life that this orphan baby as been though as a lot to say for being in a orphanage as he never got adopted because of his problems from birth as I was born with a whole in my heart and middle hearing problems then and still have a small whole in heart and still have middle hearing problems. Plus as me growing up me couldn't grow out of wearing diapers and was kept in diapers and had to be kept on the same ward as the babies and being feed the same as the other children that grow out of diapers where more lucky than me and went to school to learn as me was kept as a baby in a cot all day and all night plus the only time out of cot was for feeding, diaper change and bath times plus some times to sit outside with the other baby in a big playpen. At the age of ten they made me mentality disable and had to be put in a special need home until I was sixteen as I was still in diapers and that me couldn't eat natural adult foods as I had the taste for baby foods. I was given a chance to live on my own as my Doctor found a place for me to live and got me a cleaning job at a hospital that I had spent most of my life in the nursery and me still have that job cleaning the nursery as the nurses there knows that I wear diapers and they would change me if needed and the place I live there are three nurses living in the same block as me and they all keep a eye on me and takes me to and from work also. Though my life I have had problems after problems as I gained by having memory loss, having my teeth fulling out and getting scared on my body and my left hand from the past. The only name I know is Thomas and in the orphanage they named me Baby Thomas and they gave me a adopted surname of Jones that has been my name. Now back to the point of me trying to find a real true mother or a single mommy that is trying to find the Right baby boy that is only wanting a mother and baby relationship and No sexual relationship at all, as it won't be right with a baby. Plus this baby boy don't care if a mother or a mommy that are married and with children as long as they would treat me as there youngest baby all the time and forever as their property. ( [email protected] )

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