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Attention ABDLs

Attention all ABDLs!!!


We need a signal boost on this pronto! Rearz, the Canadian diaper company out of Ontario is attempting to trademark the term ABDL.




The term this community has used for years to identify itself and distinguish itself as a label, would no longer be allowed to be used legally outside of identifying Rearz products. They could sue any person or company attempting to use “ABDL” or derivatives to identify itself or products. They would have a huge choke-hold on the market and our community.


I’m all for free market and competition, especially in our very niche market, but, this would completely stifle the market and tie a single supplier and company to that term and label we’ve grown and developed over the years.


They have no right to it.


If there are any lawyer babies out there who can help fight this, this is a worthy cause.




Hey guys. Please take a look at this and spread it like wildfire. I’m all for competition between brands and such, but TRADEMARKING THE ACRONYM “ABDL”?! Come on, how low can you get.


I enjoy Rearz products, but I am definitely willing to not give them further support if they continue this shifty shit.


For people questioning if this is authentic or not, here’s the URL for the case:


You can get a hold of Rearz and let them know your opinion of this:


Email: [email protected]


Phone: (519) 745-1000



If there was one specific ABDL company out there, Rearz would be the one from which I’d expect this kind of thing. They’ve always had a kind of “you’re just a market to us” attitude hiding just below the surface, and certain actions they take make it visible from time to time.


I’m sure they’d still have some clients even if whatever lawyer this is assigned to decided to okay it, but I’m wondering if they’ve considered the impact the reputation loss might have to their business in general. Perhaps they’re trying to follow an EA strategy of some type.




So the Rearz Diaper Company is now acting to monoplize and privitize an ENTIRE community, apparently filing to TRADEMARK the full acronym ABDL.


This would take the public domain of ABDL, as used for Adult Baby/Diaper Lover, and privitize it so that ANYONE who uses it would be FORCED to pay money to REARZ, just for even identifying or even being an ABDL!!!


What, is their market share so HORRIBLE that they have to sue EVERY ABDL for money just for being an ABDL?


This is just about as bad as trying to trademark LGBT and is a horrific and shady move to make.


We here at DWS are calling on all ABDL's to BOYCOTT REARZ PERMANENTLY and we call upon our legal friends to TAKE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST REARZ in regards that they are moving to become a MONOPLY, which is ILLEGAL in the USA!


"Confirmed af. Rearz is basically applying for ownership of our community. A corporation. Is seeking to trademark and market. Our community. And get paid royalties for it."


We here at the DWS Team do not kink shame, and we beleive all people, regardless of kink or lifestyle, should be protected against such legal violations.

Therefore, we are posting this article on all our sites, including Drako's Den, to help out those in the ABDL Community.


By filing for a Trademark for a term that has existed for YEARS before this one company comes along, they are essentially claiming they created ABDL - and are claiming COMPLETE ownership of the entire community.


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