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Hi Everybody,

Glad to be on I've been away from ABDL sites ever since the last one I was with shut down. Just want to tell everyone what to expect.

First I'll talk about my blogs. I will have random blog topics every now and then, but I'll also make a series of blogs. One example will be diaper reviews. I also have another series in mind called "Ever Wonder?" For that, it will ask a question about our ABDL lives and allow us to think about new stuff. A top ten blog, where I list the top 10 best or worst of something in the ABDL universe is also in mind. I might also make videos out of them. For those vids, I welcome as much input as possible from other ABDLs and will take such input into serious consideration. It can be an ABDL version of those Top 10 Channels on YouTube.

I will make video series as well. Either a feature vid or a "Stinky Short." Those will be posted on as well as here on diapermates.comĀ 

I have already posted some pictures I had on the old site I was on. They show me in Fabine Exclusives, which were once my favorite diaper until ABUniverse, my preferred diaper brand, came out with new ones. The pics I post from now on will be intended for

I hope we can all have fun.

Let it also be known that this is the first blog I've written on, and I did so in a wet and messy diaper. Time for a change.

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  •  babyk0623: 
    welcome aboard! I will be looking forward to see what you have.
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