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Beautiful day to waddle" she says."
This story takes place a while back when i had this serious gf. It was valentines day and we were at a chevys Mexican food restaurant and i was knockin back drinks nit evem knowing what she had set up an planned for me. So it was around 9:30pm she whispers in my ear "let's get lost i wanna give you your vday present early." I replied slurring my words "Okie dokie baby." We make our way to the hotel and she tells me to quickly take a shower and to wash myself good. I did as i was told and upon leaving the bathroom the aroma of baby powder filled the air as the scent instantly pointed my head space towards being regressed. I see my lady on the bed wearing a white surgical mask, a lingerie nurse outfit with tight latex gloves on and she was holding up an abu cushie abdl diaper. I remember hearing the crinkling of the diaper when she waved me over to her. "Come here little diaper boy you know what time it is." I went to take a step and she yelped "STOP WHERE U ARE!!!!!" "Drop down and crawl like the baby you are." (Ill finish the story later ,im out an about)
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Wanting to be in diapers
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