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Big week

Monday morning I woke up as a whelp, wet and needing a change, my new normal I guess.  I think about exploring the kitchen because I am hungry. My mind turns to what I want to eat and those gummy bears and cheese crackers I have tucked away sound awesome.

As I am eating I remember I have volunteered and I have plans all week. I tuck away my stash of snacks and make sure my diaper makes it's way into the bin.  After a quick shower I am off.  

It is a big week down at the theater. opening week for their new play.  We got most of the set done that first day and I did not revert at all.

Tuesday was a whole nother story all together.  I eat the rest of my snacks for breakfast and decided I should try a little harder to eat well so my early morning snack is followed up by an egg sandwich.  It was a challenge to fix even that much as a whelp thank goodness I don't burn.

After my shower my clothes still don't fit so I don't exactly call the day off but I do spend the day indoors watching cartoons and drawing.  I stay home and avoid my therapy appointment, I try to convince myself it is because I can't drive but latter I drive myself out to the theater. If I am honest with myself I just don't want to talk about things today.  

Thank goodness I have a double because I stay small all day.  I manage to get most everything done behind stage.  Being small gets in the way of moving large set pieces but I manage to direct the crew and the job gets done.

I wonder if the crew knows I am the same dragon. In truth i double for the set manager and he doubles for me on stage.  This is my first time here at this theatre and the question is reinforced by the fact that they call me different names when I am a whelp and I get mistaken for the set manager a lot when I am an adult.  I let the thought pass and after rehearsal I stay and play at a nearby park.  


I was up on top of the slide reading my book when a spotlight shines through the park. I set the book down and look around that was when I noticed the cop approaching.


“Hey little guy what are you doing out this late.”


I paused for a moment thinking about the question for a bit before I respond. “I am just reading my book, I am sorry does the park close at night?,


The the griffin walks up the stairs towards me. He looks friendly enough nothing extraordinary but his feathers come in greys and blacks. He laughs at my question. “No, no nothing like that it is just kind of late to be out isn't it?”


I blush slightly as I think about how I probably look a red dragon whelp all alone and reading King Arthur at midnight.  “I am sorry I just help out at the local theater and we get done kind of late.  I was almost done so I can leave if you need me too.”


His response is warm and friendly. “ the theater, so what plays are you guys doing?” He reaches for his radio and has a short exchange with the dispatcher.  Politely I wait to answer him until he is done.  My ears are good enough I catch most of the conversation. Im short he is having them check my backstory and letting them know that everything is alright.  I tell him about some of the plays the theater has going on including mine and give him the information about tickets. He asks me about my book, all in all we had a pretty good chat as dispatch confirmed the details. In the end Tom tells me.


“You can stay here as long as you like just be careful going home okay?”


I nod “ I really was almost done so I won't stay much longer”


“I promise I am not here to chase you off Red I just wanted to be sure you were okay.” Tom smiles as he heads back out.


I call after him “Okay Tom thank you for checking up on me.”


I did make it home safe and sound that night and it was not until wednesday after my shower that my clothes finally fit again.


On wednesday I went shopping and avoided candy altogether opting instead for dried fruits and granola bars.  I might not be able to cook as well as a whelp but I could control what snacks I had available.


Thursday and Friday passed without incident but but opening night was a mess. My double asked me to take the stage for both performances thank goodness I was an adult.  The matinee could have gone worse I reverted on stage but it was during a blackout and Blue (the stage manager and my double) was right there.  He pointed me in the right direction and I changed back just in time for the next scene.  Blue must have been worried because he missed most of his cues for the rest of the night.  I tried to help cover for him and things were okay, not great but okay.  I reverted a few more times during the second performance and poor blue had to cover a few set changes as I scrambled to get the costumes to work.


Thank heavens I play a handful of different extras the changing back and forth randomly probably helped make things more convincing.  The sword fight was a blast I went out as a whelp but between the makeup crew and what we scrapped together in costume I hear it turned out fairly well. Mat, a tiger who fought against me was not used fighting a much smaller opponent with a much smaller sword and he hit my hand on stage.  The swords were not sharp and Blue rushed backstage with the med kit.  It was completely unnecessary as I was one of only 2 real swordfurs on stage.


“Honestly it is not even a scratch guys” I reassured them and the play went on.


We finished up and when I went to talk to the director he had barely noticed anything was wrong.  Maybe he was acting but he seemed sincere i guess it is not the mistakes that happen but how you deal with them on stage that matters.


My friends who showed up were blown away by the performance I spent the night at their house and looked forward to a nice slow day the next morning…. Except Rex called and reminded me I had volunteered to help with the parade on sunday.  Vishta the friend whose house I was staying at thought it might be fun to help.


Vishta and Crom have 6 kids they know I am having trouble and they try their best to look out for me without making it obvious.  A bore and a lioness make an interesting pair.  I married them last year and honestly only one of their young ones does not come from a previous marriage so I guess nobody bats an eye when a dragon whelp joins their menagerie.


The two of them never act like I am a child they make sure I eat well and sure my age comes up from time to time but even if I look young they understand I am still me.  I nested outside that night and Vishta and I left early that morning. I never changed back into an adult, I wonder what that must look like to something as short lived as a lion?


We were early and I managed to help coordinate everything with plenty of time to spare. the crowd eat up my prancing about as a whelp and I was very surprised at how relaxed I was about the whole thing.  

After I cleaned up and dropped Vishta off I fell asleep right in my car. I had a few accidents but again still normal for a young whelp. After my nap I drove out to meet up with some furs who all have similar issues with magic.  I had been chatting with them online for a few months now and it was so odd I couldn't really tell who was an adult or not.  I guess others see me the same way.  My nap meant I was pretty late so I mainly got to drive furs home but it was still nice to put faces to names.

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