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Can I vent? I'm going to vent...

Okay, now I will say first off this is NOT about anyone on this site. This is from elsewhere but I just need to get this off my chest. So, I met someone, I thought she was cool, we had similar interests and humor, things were going good. She went through a rough patch and I did anything and everything I could to be there for her. I even shared my personal contact info so she could get in touch with me at any time. I started to fall for her. Now, I wasn't expecting a relationship right off the bat or anything, I usually reserve those thoughts for after seeing how we mesh in the real world you know, outside of the screens. I was going to be in her area, we had planned on meeting up and hanging out. And that's all I was expecting, just get together, hang out, see where things go. But, none of that even had the chance to happen. Despite the sleepless nights I had worrying about her well being, trying to be there for her, despite putting all my energies into her, eh I'm just some shmuck online hey there's a piece of ass down the street hey lets go for the right here right now instead of the guy actually worrying about and caring about her. That's what happened. Honestly, that crushed me (if you couldn't tell by my other posts). So, I just told her exactly what was up, and then said that if you're going to just use me let alone anyone like that, then I don't want to even be friends with you and told her to leave me alone. After that, I went dark where we met. Never talked to her while I was in the area. Made no attempt to see what was going on cause like I said, she burned me and once you burn me, I'm done. No second chances.


Well after dealing with that amongst other things going on in my life outside of that, I go back to the spot on the web we met. Start doing my thing again, and she just HAS to pop in. Not only that, but her little boy toy has to jump in my stuff too. I kick them, they come back under different names. Now to me, THAT is being childish. I mean sure maybe I wasn't being the most adult of the situation at the start, but I didn't stalk them. I said you screwed me over, you used me, I'm done and I meant it. I wanted nothing more to do with either of them. Yet, they start stalking ME? wtf. WTF is wrong with people?

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  •  BbMommy: 

    Sorry that happened, it's just so touchy meeting people on line. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you to find someone good the next time!

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  •  Nessie_Celery: 

    Some people are dicks. But don't give up. Hugs xx

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  •  Party_in_my_Pampers: 

    I have found after chatting with some of the guys here, they’ve given off a super creepy Jame Gumb, silence of the lambs vibe. Good luck ladies! 

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  •  BabyAya: 

    Wow, sorry you had to go through that. I've found that meeting in person is a massive step that very rarely works out unfortunately

     03.10.20191 replies1 replies 
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