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Christmas and misc.

So christmas came and went. I didn't really get anything more than a $25 gift card to amazon, that's more than I got last year. I already have one new onesie (the ARRRR change me booty) and I like it. See, it's not easy for me to buy onesies for a few reasons. 1, I don't generally like buying specialty clothing online because well You can't try before you buy. Yeah I know if it doesn't fit right I can just send it back for a refund, but ehhhhh.....hassle......lazy.....yeah.... But, luckily the size is perfect. I had another onesie that was basically pure white, I mean it fits but around the thighs, it's really tight and uncomfortable after a while. Also, I'm not big on "cute" at least not on myself. Sure i guess technically the booty one is "cute" but, it's still got a bit of me to it. So, finding onesies I like isn't that easy.  Of course I say that, and I just added 10 to my amazon wishlist >_< Well, since I got that amazon gift card, I bought a new one. It's a digital camo one. Hey, that's going to come in handy when I hopefully get back into airsoft lol. I may end up buying a couple more onesies in time.  But yeah, that was my christmas.




So, yeah paddles....yeah..... So as you see in my pictures, I have one really naughty paddle. I call it FUCKSTICK. why? Well it says FUCK, albeit it is written backwards but there is a reason for that. That's how it's going to welt ^_^ At least that is the plan, that when someone is spanked with it, the word FUCK will be welted out. I know, I'm weird, and evil, and mean. I just make paddles out of boredom usually but.... well I posted a pic of that on my twitter. I follow one sub online who posted a picture of a paddle that broke during a video she did, and I posted F.S. saying "here's the replacement". Well, I had a pro Domme contact me about that wondering if I could make her a paddle. That, is something I never thought would happen. Someone actually asking me to make them a paddle. So, I talked it over with her through DM's and ended up with a good idea of what she wanted. Basically it's just a giant paddle, holes for airflow, with her name written in it using old english. Now, I know if you look at F.S. you're going to go "yeah the other one must look fantastic pffffft, but honestly it does look good. It's a complete change from the first one. Took more time, and technically I am still not done. See, her name is for show, not practicality. So in other words, it's not engraved in to where the name will welt out.  I still have a lot of sanding to do to it plus I want to wrap the handle with leather and make the grip comfortable for the user. Remember it's a paddle, it's not meant to be comfortable for the usee lol.


I have lots of ideas for other paddles. I think I may crank some out and put them for sale. I know it's not everyones cup to tea and I'm not expecting to make a living off of my hobby, but I know I'm not the only one out there that likes paddles either giving or getting.  And I want to make some that aren't they typical ones. I have some ideas I'm going to put into action and see what happens. I will post pics here and on my fet when I'm done with some of them. If anyone wants one, shoot me an offer.

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