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Diaper poop

So today i finally got the guts up to poop in my diaper. I knew i had a long carride ahead. So i popped in a supposotory and diapered up for the ride. Almost immediately i lost comtrol and a stream of pee filled my diaper. Then i felt my belly rumble. I wanted to fught the suppository a little so i waited. Then after about ten minutes i pushed and to my dissapoimtment after a while all i didnt get the grand poop i was hoping for. Rather i filled my diaper with pee and a tiny bit of poop. So i was almost home. I went into a speedway to change myself and went home. Now that im home and cant use diapers i finally had the grand poop but i had to use the potty. Any tips on how to get a good big poop immediatly?

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    Hi! I would love to have huge poops whenever I wanted them. Google Anna Didovic sometime she’s amazing! When I wanna a big poop I put marshmallows up my butt. I put them in hot water first so they go in easy, 24 is my record but usually 12 or so. I try to hold them as long as I can, usually about 15 minutes. U can go longer if you sit down.When it hits; NIRVANA!!

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