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I am sitting here in front of my computer in just my diapers and a tee shirt typing this.

Once in a while I wet in my sleep, maybe at most once a week, sometimes I go for almost a month without wetting. So I have been wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed for years. This morning I woke up to find I had wet  my diapers during the night, not a big deal, I think this was the first time this month.

After my morning shower, my wife decided that she wants me in diapered the entire day. She already had clean diapers and plastic pants laid out on the bed for me. This was a surprise for me, because usually we will talk about me being diapered all day before hand, kind of a role play thing. This was her own idea. 

I can't describe the wonderful feeling of laying down on the bed, legs spread, naked and having your wife powder you, pull your diaper up, pin it and then slide white frosted plastic pants over your diapers.  I am mostly a DL, but there are sometimes that the AB comes out and this was one of those times.Today, I am being viewed as a toddler in diapers.  I can count on my wife changing my wet diapers latter on today, its all part of our play.

I am extremely lucky and grateful to have an understanding wife. Now, that doesn't mean she wants to see her husband in diapers full time and being in diapers during the day is kind of a special treat for me. while I am in diapers during the day, My wife will refer to me as her baby, however she does not want or like for me to call her Mommy.


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  •  sissybabysamantha: 

    What a lovely story it is nice to hear that you get on so well. And nothing beets cloth nappies for that baby feel

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  •  babyrexi: 

    Thank you for sharing this delightful little narrative, John. I read it previously and am touched by the tenderness that takes place between the two of you. Cloth diapers are just so special by themselves, but when you combine them with a pair of "white frosted" plastic baby panties, what a wonderful thrill, a real ticket to a dive into a regressive state. How wonderful that you are able to enjoy this with someone else, someone you also trust deeply and can afford to let your hair down with. I hope you enjoy being her baby every day from now on.

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