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I'm feeling so conflicted. So most who know me know that I am a very kind, loving, and nurturing mommy. I love my ABies and love teaching them things. Well, I have one AB and I know that he intentionally does the things that really get under my skin. For instance, he continues to go into my laundry and takes my panties. He is always saying that he didn't do it but I know better. I know that he also goes in mommy's toy box and says that he doesn't do it. The thing is, I have decided that he is just a sissy and is afraid to tell mommy. I've decided that little by little I am going to turn him into the pretty little girl that he really wants to be. I had to give him 2 bare bottom spankings over this weekend. I had to spank because he keeps lying to mommy and I have to discourage that. If he is curious about my things, I want him to express it. Anyway, I thought that the spanking was discipline, but I think he enjoyed it. If your an ABDL who enjoys spankings, what is it that you enjoy about them and do you like bare bottom spankings more than other kinds?

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  •  LittleRedDrake: 

    If we step away from bratty behavior, for me at least it would lean more into whippings.  What I enjoy about that is a little harder to express and I imagine it has more to do with the blurry line between pleasure/pain and the wonderful bliss of subspace.  This however skirts entirely new territory and might not be quite the answer you are looking for.

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  •  LittleRedDrake: 

    Asking what we like about something like spanking can be a little tricky.  Naturally it changes from one person to another, given this situation for me at least it would be more about you taking control then you hurting me.

    I do enjoy humiliation but enjoying things you don't enjoy is always a tricky line to walk. I might choose to misbehave specifically to get punished and it likely is about the challenge coupled with reassurance that you are willing to take control.  When we have to control so much in our lives it can be nice for someone else to every so often relieve the mental burden by taking control of us for a short time.

    You sound like a pretty smart mommy so you probably don't need me to give you any suggestions about things to do here.

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