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Drako's Art Contest - April 2020

Drako's Art Contest - April 2020




We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in these strange times.


Keep up with social distancing and lets help us all beat this pandemic.


More info can be found on the CDC website: or




Also, a big news event regarding Drako's Den and Playground's Galleries:


We have integrated the galleries into their respecitve Forum Services for General and Adult images.


This reduces the amount of accounts required to post to the sites.


We are slowly merging the images from the old system into the new one.




Now to the things we do each month, since we're an online company.




This month's winner is:


Sledmetodeath commission -


by Lo -




Now for this Month:




Nomination Theme:






Voting Theme:






Nomination and Voting Deadline:


May 1, 2020




Head on over to Drako's Den and Playground to Nominate Art and to Vote Now!




Drako's Den:


Drako's Playground:

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