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Feeling Sexy

These are the things that mommy does and thinks about when I am ab free and all alone ;)


Feeling Sexy

I love the feeling of feeling sexy. I make sure everyday to do something that makes me feel sexy. It could be putting on “mood music”, wearing something that makes me feel confident, or something that I know will catch the eye of an admirer or two. I like talking dirty, airing all of my deepest and darkest desires to someone else. Just to relax and let it all go, when I’m alone in my room with someone on the other end of the phone intently listening to all of my dirty little secrets…mmm just let go! 


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  •  tommie2: 

    Hi mommy my name is tommie. I love to wear pretty things, like bras and panties and lill dresses.  i think girls are so lucky getting to wear pretty things. I also like wearing diapers and plastic panties and cute lill baby dresses.

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