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Greetings fellow diaper enthusiasts! my name is Brandi, I'm just shy of 30 years old, and have been into diapers off and on for four years or so. It is something i have always kept secret from my friends and family, so I am starting this blog as a way to get those thoughts and feelings out. The posts in the blog will vary, going from stories of my daily diaper use, to fantasies, to discussing brands and comfort of diapers, whatever strikes me at the time. 


I figured i should start with how I go into diapers in the first place:

Way back in middle school is when i first discovered internet porn. (yes girls look at it too) I started getting into the weirder side, the fetishes and kinks, and ABDL was one of the ones I came across. I thought it was super cute and the diapers looked so soft and cumfy. But after getting caught by parents for porn in general, gave it all up for years. 

As an adult I returned to occasional porn usage. I got a job working at a grocery store, a big one with a gas station in the lot. I had the pleasure of working in that little glass booth in the middle of the gas pumps. There was no restroom in the booth, if I needed a potty break, i had to call the manager inside the store to send someone to relieve me. Sometimes it was busy and took a long time for someone to come out, and my weak bladder had a few minor accidents. So my thoughts went back to those adult diapers, and decided to buy a pack. 

Started with store brand overnight womens pull-on diaper.I imediatley loved the way in felt on, and the way it looked. I wore them under my uniform, and it did save me from some possible embarrassment. I loved the way it felt, and have been wearing and wetting on and off ever since. Mostly take breaks when i cant afford to buy diapers, but i always find my way back to that isle at the store.

More soon to come!

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  •  SwinginPendulum: 

    Sweet, would love to read more.

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  •  SweetLiz: 

    Glad to hear how you got started, Brandi.  Good to know that you are still enjoying your diapers whenever you can!

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  •  horrorfan: 

    Lol, I'd try to move up or look into finding a better job. Good intro!

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  •  Sinnfeiner33: 

    Awesome blog and intro. Can’t wait to read more 

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  •  squishy: 

    Hi Brandi, I think that’s a great idea. Can’t wait to read more about your experiences.

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