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From here on out....

I'm a little tired of the PM's from people with either NO profile, or PRIVATE profiles. I don't mind someone trying to have a conversation, but if there's no profile for me to read, then be ready to be blocked. I'm just tired of it. Plus, yourself a favor and try to talk about something other than just diapers. Are you wearing? Are you wet? Do you like diapers? I'm wear a diaper now......yeah that's annoying. We are more than our diapers and more than the condition of them. If you aren't going to take the effort to actually talk like a normal person, and get to know someone then again be ready to be blocked. I'm just a bit tired of the BS honestly.

liljester 05.07.2019 1 429
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Cleverly disguised as an adult...
05.07.2019 (622 days ago)
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