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GDPR Update

GDPR Update




We're sure many of you have noticed several changes to the sites you frequent.


Almost all of them are updating their Privacy Policies and updating scripts to inform you of their usage of cookies.




We wanted to update all users of our sites and services why there were no sweeping changes in our own policies.




In regards to our services (web hosting and creation), we only collect the data required for us to provide these services.


This data may or may not include anything that could be used to personally identify our users, depending on what information they provide to us.


We only use this data, as provided, to provide our services to our users.


We do not share this data, and tend to not store it anywhere other than the users own profile page that we create for them, which they can login to and see as well.




As for Drako's Den and Drako's Playground:


Our websites do NOT collect any user data that can identify them, and our team does NOT have access to ANY user data.


The servers and ad systems may use cookies to ensure users are not burdened with excessive ads.


The DOB entry does use a cookie so that it doesn't ask you to re-verify your age every time you come to the site.




The DWS Team does not collect any data that is not pertinent to the offering of our services and websites.


The DWS Team does not keep (and in many cases) does not have access to ANY user data other than what is directly sent to the team by our customers.




Since we do not collect user data, and do not share it in any way, we are already compliant with the GDPR.


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