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Good things happen to those who wait!!

A child until my mid teens I was a bed wetter. Then 10 years ago I started bed wetting again. I had great support from my then girlfriend who was the one who said wear nappies would be a good idea. While I was able to talk about things with her openly I still felt alone even. Although we had a good relationship things soon fell apart and we went down different ways. I then realized I had to deal with this on my own and while I had accepted wearing nappies in order to keep my bed dry I was really starting to enjoy them but there was still something missing. I wasn't able to talk openly about my love for wearing a nappy.

Then I found a few sites where I could let all out but for some reason I was still feeling alone. Them after all this time that had passed someone joined a site who was around my age and also had a love for wearing nappies. I couldn't believe it was this really happening? We started to talk and we both found we had so much in common. So far we have had some great times talking about the way we feel about this love for wearing and wetting nappies. I have also found that she has a beautiful soul and has had a difficult life just as I have had as well. We have in a short time become good friends and have been able to talk openly and honestly about the way feel. I know one day soon we will meet face to face which we both want. 

M you are a special lady with a heart and soul of a princess and I can't wait for the day we meet. 

For those out there who think that there aren't an DL/AB's for you all I can say is good things come to those who wait no matter how old you are!!! 

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  •  mommynamedsusan: 

    Aww I love to read stories like this! I am so happy that you found someone to share this with! I hope that you will both have a chance to meet and enjoy wearing them together! 

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