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Halloween quickie

Okay not that kinda quickie, jsut a quick post since I'm about to go to bed for work in the morning. So, I have a little tip for anyone who ever plans on wearing any kind of prosthetic hand for their costume.... make sure you are nicely padded and you have pants on BEFORE putting on said prosthetic..... it is NOT easy to change when you have those things on.... Despite the fact it's made to fit my hand (i made it on my hand over time) it's just not easy to handle tapes.


Spent halloween night compeltely dressed as a scientist from Umbrealla Corp caught in an accident while working on the NEMESIS project working off of Dr West's notes from Miskatonic Hospital in Arkham maryland. He was ahead of his time, but damnit it went wrong again! lol. If you know lovecraft or at least watched reanimator you get it.


Despite making my own costume, effects, prosthetics and not looking too shabby while doing so getting lots of compliments on it, i didn't wint either damn costume contest I went to. one was at rocky horrror and it was judged by the audience, I lost to a damn pikachu. Seriously it was jsut a dude in an inflated pikachu costume...... wtf.... now ONE of the costumes I lost to at the other one, I was okay with. Couples as demons and they went pretty far out with it, and it looked great so no hard feelings on that loss but another onew as queen of hearts. Seirously, they jsut made a collar out of playing cards and said they were the queen of hearts.... wtf.... I made a headpiece, designed my labcoat to fit the scene, complete with umbrella patch, burns, gore, half my left arm was prosthetic, half my face was prosthetic, all home made..... and I lost to super glued playing cards. wtf.


Other than that though, it was a good night. One of the bands tossed out candy so YAY! and well it was a NIN, Type O and Misfits tribute so yeah good tunes!. Oh well, off to bed toodles!


oh btw, absinthe ZOMBIES (it's a drink) are pretty tasty. Slammed one before the show. Yummy.

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