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Hide and seek

…Nine, Ten. I say as I remove my hands from my eyes. Times up, where is mommies little pumpkin seed? I pause and hear giggling from the other room. I’m going to find you my little love muffin, and when I do mommy is going to eat you all up! I slowly make my way down the hall way listening for the sweet giggles of excitement. I can hear your diaper crinkle as I round the corner into your nursery. I immediately spot your diapered tushy up in the air your body half under your crib, eyes closed tight. I sit down in the rocking chair I’ve used so many times to lull you to sleep. I can’t find my honey Bun anywhere, I say aloud. I guess Mommies Darling baby is gone forever I pretend to sob. You quickly emerge from your hiding spot to console me. There’s my precious gift! I’ve been looking all over for you, cleaver rascal, so good at hiding. Now it’s your turn to come find mommy. Close your eyes and do your best to count to ten.

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