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How Many Times

I am having a little bit of a dilemma here. I am trying to decide how many times I should allow my ab to wet his diaper before I change him. Sometimes, I let him pee pee 3 times before a changing. Sometimes less if he has a leaky diaper and alot of pee :). How many times do you go in your diaper before you want to be changed, or ask you mommy to change you. I found the photo I attached online. I was thinking about how much pee pee there is in this aby's diaper. 

phoneamommytammy 07.17.2017 2 266
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  •  wet-wet-nappy: 

    Luv,just change baby when you want, you're in charge. If I was the baby you can check my nappy as much as you like ;) xx


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  •  LittleRedDrake: 

    I am still experimenting but I think it might be like real babies in the fact that thier might not be a specific number, you change them when they need it.

    I do enjoy humiliation so i could see in some instances lerting things get too far but other times I just want to be dry.


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