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I realize, but at the same time....

So I realize everyone can have a typo, and that I am not free from having several of my own. Mainly, for some reason it's primarily the word JUST. I for some reason usually sway the US around in it when typing fast. Oh well. But, sometimes I just can't help but to poke fun at others. Actually, sometimes it's not really a typo it's just they didn't spell something right and again I'll call them out on it and mock them for it. Case in point, I recently had an email asking "so how is your bowl control" Now, I know they're trying to ask if I shit myself, asking how my BOWEL control is, but they said bowl. My response? 


"Well, I haven't spilled my cereal so I think I can control my bowls pretty well."


All they responded with was "ok". I guess that it went over their head. I mean, there's quite the difference between BOWEL and BOWL control. Well, all though both can fill a diaper..... one just takes longer HA.

liljester 04.19.2019 0 579
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