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If you have a fursuit, please read...

If you have a fursuit, please read...


I have decided that I will be having a special featured section for fursuits on Drako's Den and Drako's Playground.


So if you own any of the following:


Murrsuits (Fursuits showing off your naughty bits)

Pup Hoods and masks

Pony Play hoods and masks

Animal costumes and masks

Or anything similar


Then you could have it featured on the main pages of Drako's Den and Drako's Playground.

This would make us the only website we know of (that isn't fursuit specific) that will feature fursuits on the main page.


So, how do you get your fursuit featured?


Simple, upload photos of your fursuit (murrsuit and ect) to the Photo Gallery of Drako's Den and/or Drako's Playground.


When uploading the photo:

Make sure one of the tags is "fursuit" (without the quotes) so we can easily find it.

Make sure you rate the photo properly (Explicit is for the porn - General is for the clean stuff)

You may also give your photo a title and use the "Source" field to link to your own website or gallery.


Please note:

You may only submit adult murrsuit photos onto Drako's Den

Drako's Playground is only for SFW content (rated PG-13)


As a start, I will also personally cross post all featured fursuits on my journals here every Sunday through the end of October.


So, if you would like us to feature your fursuit, check us out:

Drako's Den -

Drako's Playground -


Our first Featured Fursuits are:





If you would like to have your fursuit featured, upload it to our Photo Gallery:

Don't forget to tag the upload with the word "fursuit"


Drako's Den -

Drako's Playground -


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