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Im looking and this is me

So this is going up because its fairly hard for me to come up with a description of myself on the spot. That and I don't appear to make it obvious that I am looking for someone :P.




So I am looking and this is me :).

I am sort of little but with extra bits bolted on and things. I have an aim to be as cute as possible. I have been informed I may be a brat, but I believe that's more the fact I have a mischievous side that's been left unchecked for a while :).

I have a teddy called Sunshine who comes everywhere with me, partially because I just like the company and partially because she is a great comfort stresses and bad situations, especially anxiety related ones. Normally she is hiding in my handbag, but sometimes situation depending she comes out. I now also have a tiny teddy who sits on my keyring who I have @IneffableFlowers to thank for.

In terms of interests, ooohie. My main one has to be bondage related, I am very much into the idea of being restrained and tied up. A good way to think of me is as a submissive but with more gentler requirements. Although that being said, people do sometimes say I am too cheeky and someone needs to fix that :P. Cuddles are a definite must. Gentle encouragement is also a great thing for me and being called a good girl may sometimes make me weak at the knees.

A key misconception with people when saying you are a bit of a little is they think you regress. I will make it clear that I do not regress in anyway, who I am day to day is who I am everywhere. It's not so much roleplay for me because it's me, and it's who I am. I do indeed have little items and things and I get that they can be really hard for people to understand but you are more than welcome to ask me :).

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