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Being Smol, scaley and wearing diapers is not always something we want to advertise but I have enjoyed following other people's work so why hide myself?


I don't normally consider myself to be a furry but this might be the turning point. So many cubs out there doing amazing work.  Besides it has come to my attention that treating me like a wild animal is highly suggested. So just going to say it I am a dragon a smol dragon rwar!


This blog will be me re writing my adventure and expressing my fealing through the lens of being a dragon.


Here we go


My adventure started with a wet bed, embarrassing at any age.  Then again what is age to an immortal?  Lets try to avoid talking about who I used to be I will summarize it thusly I am a big red fire dragon, well I was.


The first time it happened I was big again by the time I woke up. I cleaned up and moved on but after a week of cleaning sheets I had to do something.  


I ordered diapers online, i thought it would be temporary but nothing is ever simple with dragons is it? A week later they arrived.  The first night I was so relieved, actually I was kind of excited.  Not sexually, it was more the kind of excitement that comes from the knowledge I might not have to wash my bedding for the 100th time in just as many days.


When I woke up that morning I was disappointed and wet. How was it possible? I tried again a few more times but every morning something was wrong and I was washing bedding again.  I can't tell you how long that went on for but how exactly do you troubleshoot that?


Hey my diaper is not working.


Well are you overfilling it?


No, it says it is much more absorbent and it is wet but no wetter than my bed when I wake up.


Hmm maybe you have the wrong size?


Well I tried different sizes and I still had the same problem.


Okay, not the same problem the small ones did not stay on because well they were too small and the big ones were too big. Two entirely different problems that both lead to the same problem I was already having. At the end of all that I knew I had started with the right size so why were they not working?


I can be pretty stubborn and maybe a mirror could have tipped me in sooner but who watches them self all day in a mirror?  


I woke up and honestly I almost cried “wet again” i stripped the bedding, grabbed the cleaner and started my morning routine.  What is it about taking a shower that guarantees someone is going to knock on your door?


Rinsing off I shouted “ hang on I will be right there!” I wrapped myself in a towel and answered the door.


“Your so cute!”


I glared.


“Oh my gosh glaring just makes you so much cuter.”


The overly happy person who had interrupted my shower was my ex so all of this would have been normal save for a few things. First off I was still upset at her.  She had just up and walked away one day and still insisted on acting like we were best friends. It must be a dog thing.


Okay, low blow and not fair she was a giant wolf not a dog, but I just do not have a better explanation for how she can just leave me like yesterday's garbage and still expect me to act like I was not upset about the whole thing.


The next odd thing was how this wolf picked me up! I may not be a giant but I am a dragon and I had remembered being bigger than her! Yet there I was scooped up in her arms!


“Oh  my gosh what happened?”  She asked


“ That is none of your business” I snapped as I blushed trying to ignore the giant breasts pressing up against me.


My displeasure with her finally sank in and she set me down.  We shared an awkward moment, I wanted her to be a part of my life again but she already had a new house and even a mate.  As much as I wanted to I couldn't pretend like nothing had happened.  I did not want to yell and chase her off and her reaction to my displeasure upset me but what else were we supposed to do?


She spoke first “Sorry, um I came over because I was wondering if you could do something for me?  I shouldn't ask so never mind” with that she turned around and left.


I called after her but the damage was already done.  I texted her later and ended up helping out anyways.  How could I not?


All the same I should have noticed sooner. my clothes never really fit, I am an odd size and I dont have the patience or money for custom tailored clothes. Still how I managed to ignore being a whelp probably had more to do with the fact it was not a constant problem. I am not entirely sure what triggers the change in either direction but I do find that I can let it happen.


I don't get out much so when I finally noticed I started small. Nothing really changed I just spent time being a young dragon in the woods instead of exercising like I normally did.  It felt nice.  I never really got to be a whelpling before so the experience was new to me. I fit places I never would have as an adult and surprisingly I found playing to be exhilarating.


Eventually I dug a few stuffed animals out of the closest and let myself be smol before bedtime.  After I found a diaper that fit me as a whelp and nested up in my bed I had my first dry morning in what felt like ages.

It is not a perfect arrangement and I still haven't covered even half of what has already happened but this is a good start right?

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