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It gets old, real fast.

I get that everyone here either wears diapers, likes wetting (or messing) or likes making others wear. I mean, that's why I am here afterall, because I wear for medical need. Anyways, it gets really old really fast that that is the only thing people care to talk about. Basically you get one message "hi" and if you reply, they either ask if you've used, or filled your diaper, or feel the need to state how they're horny because they're soaked. Okay seriously what in the shit. The single mindedness gets annoying. There is a whole world of other things to talk about other than what you did in your diaper, or asking about the state of mine. So GUYS (because lets face it, men are the culprits of this) fucking lay off the diaper talk. Try to get to know the person. Ask how they are, what's going on, talk about movies, or stuff online..... I mean I highly doubt if you walked up to a random person on the street and said "I'm so horny right now" that it would go over well. So, use your head on your shoulders, not the one betwixt your thighs.

liljester 08.10.2017 2 242
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  •  littleluab: 

    Annoying some people seem to lose all common sense when they approach the internet. People realise there is possibly a barrier of anonymity in front of them and they stop caring about what they say to people and instead stop thinking of people as people, and instead as the construct of their fantasies. Other times people just don't know what to do or say, so they start with the one topic they may know a  bit about :/.



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  •  James8Ball: 

    I tend to agree!  We're all here because we like diapers yes.  That doesn't mean we have to fill every second with them. Yes I like to find out about people and how they got into the scene, but I don't need two word answers, I'm looking to meet the deeper you.  

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I'm just crazy enough.... makes it fun :p
08.10.2017 (344 days ago)
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