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Just a note for AB companies.

Well two things. First off, can we stop with the BS lawsuits and trademark nonsense? I mean trying to TRADEMARK ABDL, seriously? Come on... and now, one company is suing another company because of the word SPACE. Seriously? Listen, I can understand and also support filing a lawsuit if your design is stolen. I can completely get behind a suit like that. Or, if they completely steal the name, I get it. But, one is SPACE CADET, the other is SPACE...something or other, but not cadet. Sorry but I think those kinds of suits are well ironically childish. I mean okay BAMBINO has one called MAGNIFICO. if Tykables, or ABU said "Hey, we're making a new diaper called MAGNIFICO!" then yeah, that one word nope. Come up with a new name. But this is like okay ABU has LITTLE PAWZ what if Rears made LITTLE SQUIRTS and WHOOPS they used the word little, there's gotta be a lawsuit! same shit. It's stupid to me.



Now my main gripe. Okay, I can appreciate a lovely woman in a cute onesie, cute outfit as a little, looking all pretty and cute. But, where are the options for guys? I mean seriously. Are guys not ABDL? Pretty sure that we are. Not all of us are sissies either. Not all of us want uber cute outfits and I feel that, that's all that there is for the most part. Personally, I would love seeing some designs that could be discreet. Also, what about those of us who are also kinda on the goth side, metal side eh? I mean I know you can't jsut slap a bands logo on because that IS copyright infringement. But you know you can make skulls "cute" or devils. Or something. I mean all the onesies I see are over the top, cute, lil prince, mommy's baby boy. I mean sure they're great for at home, but what about when out and about? The BEST onesie I have found, it's simple. It's just a digital camo one made by LITTLETUDE. Now I have talked to one person who runs an AB shop and had a very level headed convo, They unfortunately thought I was trying to pawn off my designs, which I wasn't. And, even if I was, I'd have them send whatever paperwork so that I give them full rights to the designs. I just wish that the companies would cater to the guys a little bit more other than again ultra cute or "here's a plain solid color". Just something more ya know? A woman can get away with wearing cute stuff, guys can't.

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