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Just slightly annoying...

So, I know we are all supposed to get along and love one another *shudders* but, people at times in general annoy me. I know, not the best thing to put on a personals site when trying to meet someone but please, hear me out. Okay now, to be on this site and message or email, generally you need to have an account. And, with said account you would have a profile. Within that you can put LOTS of fun things, like your age, gender, location, interests, hobbies, random tid bits about yourself, stuff like that. I mean, Mine is filled out. It says where I am who I am what I am my age blah blah blah. I put up what music I like, what I'm looking for, movies I like, the general profile nonsense ya know? Yet...... I STILL get people asking for information.....that's blatantly on my profile. ......


Hey, where are you fron?



Hey, how old are you?



Hey, do you wear diapers?



Hey, do you like guys?


Seriously, the answers are on my profile, that's why I have a profile, that's why I FILLED OUT the profile. I mean it's like going into a chat and immediately being hit up with


hey, a/s/l?


Come the hell on. It just gets annoying when people don't bother reading and just ask these questions. When I decide to message someone, first off I make sure they have a profile..... cause for some reason I on occasion get "profile not available" Which could mean maybe it's private, maybe it just got made and they haven't been verified, who knows. But generally, I make sure they have one, and then.... here's the kicker..... i read it.... Now if I am looking at a womans profile and she states "I am a lesbian so men don't bother" guess what, I don't bother. I don't slam them, I don't push them, I just respect what they wrote and leave them alone.  I mean makes sense to me right? Also, I don't badger with any of those questions (so long as they actually filled out the profile).. I am not known for asking if anyone wears, nor the condition of their diaper either. Though, I will occasionally joke with someone so long as we had been talking for a while about "hey I smell something, is that me or you" but that's about it. Well, unless you are DLG (that's their abbreviated username) in which case I'll slide pistachio pudding down the back of yourse. But that's about it hahaha.


I dunno it jsut bugs me that these breed of laziness and stupidity still exists on the internet where someone can't be bothered to read a profile before hitting someone up and just expecting them to automatically be chummy with them. Obviously a chatroom is a different case, but through instant messenger or email on here, come on just take a moment to look at a profile more than jsut the pictures on it.

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