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Let Candy be You Mommy

Hey everyone Im Candy. Where are all of the diaper lovers at? I am looking for a playmate who enjoys being a little baby and loves to be cared for, played with, and changed when they make a mess. I love to reward when babies behave well but I have no problem disciplining bad babies who dont listen to their mommys. Feel free to add me and keep in mind that I am basically down to do everything ;) it was nice to meet you all and i hope to hear from u a soon.


Love Candy 

CandyMommy69 04.16.2017 2 368
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  •  throwfred: 
    hay i as well would love for you to be my mommy if not a good friend might work too hmu ill add a pic soon
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  •  Babyathome: 
    Hi Candy, I would love for you to be my mommy. Sounds like you love to handle all a baby needs. Maybe I'll hear from you soon?
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04.16.2017 (404 days ago)
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