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Mama Jackie is what you can call me.

Mama Jackie is what you can call me. I love all my good boys and girls. There is nothing I love more than to have a good baby in my arms to love and to hold. Letting them nurse from my big full breast. Making sure that their bottoms are cleaned, powdered, and properly diapered.

I just love to make sure my baby is dressed in something nice and comfy, and that can keep him or her nice and dry. Have an accident? Don’t worry. Mama Jackie will have you all cleaned up in a jiffy. There are two other sides of this mama, though.

If you disappoint me and disobey your Mommy, you know you have to be punished. I have to make you learn your lesson. You need to learn there are rules and that babies like you need to follow those rules to keep safe and happy.

I will put you in time out if I need to, and if I have to, I will take things further. I will spank you until you have learned not to do it again. If you do it again, then I will have to spank you with something harder like my belt. That’s not all though I have lots of punishments. I don’t have a one size fits all mentality about punishment. Each of my babies is different, and you will get a tailored punishment to fit your learning behavior.

Do you like things to get a bit sexier? Maybe you are one of my babies that have sexy urges. Urges that need a mommy’s love to help you and your tallywacker get stiff and make those cummies. We can do all this, some of this and more. That’s all up to my baby.

So what kind of Mommy do you need, my love? Message me, and we will work that out together. Hurry, though, I think someone needs a diapee change. I think that someone is you.

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