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Messy sunday

I was awoken. By a urge  to go. this morning I was in a soaked diaper and need to change I knew this was a huge one Not It going for days I quickly change got on a pull up out I went I live in a resort in the north and in the winter it's pretty deserted 4 people in the hole place as I started walking it slowly started moving just like a kid always to busy to use the toilet soon I felt my bottm open and out it rushed my morning walk takes me about a hour normally I I wet once or twice and mess today I wanted to try something new I did my whole walk in my messy diaper I don't think I'm ready to change yet it is like having a round ball the size of 2 miniature footballs back there so I'm taking a second lap 


Ben1096 12.04.2016 4 424
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  •  BbMommy: 
    I do like reading about how much all the babies enjoy their messy, saggy diapers!
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  •  BigCryBaby: 
    Wish we could have all been there to fill ours as we stroll. What fun, what fun!!!
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  •  wetdiaperboy007: 
    Love it! I like your honesty...I totally get what you are saying and today I had a similar experience just going to the store in the morning. I came back ready for a change but satisfied. Your thoughts are really good and I know why no periods because you were writing using your stream of consciousness. Cool!
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  •  Tarxan37: 
    No periods?
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