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Mommy’s special baby

Mmm mommy is so excited, mommy has a special surprise for her special baby. Mommy tiptoes into ur nursery and peeks into ur crib...awww baby looks so adorable cuddled in his blankie sucking on his thumb.

Mommy brushes her fingertips over baby’s cheeks and slides her hand down to baby’s little diaper.

Mommy just loves to wake her little one up...hehe

Mommy rubs her hand against the front or ur very wet diaper, feeling it squish under her fingers ooohhh

Mommy loves squeezing a wet soggy diaper, and even better when baby is sleeping and thinks he’s having naughty dreams. As mommy squeezes and rubs ur diaper, baby starts moving his hips, humping against mommy mmmmmm

Mommy rubs her hand side to side and up and down, faster and faster...pushing hard against that soggy diaper as mommy’s baby shudders and twitches and fills that diaper with sticky cummies.

Mmmm good baby!

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07.29.2020 (10 days ago)
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