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Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

I was just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This effects my nerves, half my body had been numb for 2 weeks, though slowly starting to come back. One of the things sometimes effected is Bladder control. There have been a few times over the last few weeks when I thought a diaper would actually be pretty handy. I may have a medical reason to wear now, but im still afraid of my family knowing about it.

Also, I think my mom may be onto me, she cleaned my room while I was in the hospital, I have a small pile of bags with soiled diapers in them, where I stacked them until I could sneak them out to the trash. She did all my laundry, and the stack of bags was still sitting by my closet. Im not sure you can tell whats in them, but there is a definite chance she is aware of my diaper usage. 

I think nowadays I could say its medical, but this was before I got sick, so Im not sure what she thinks about that. She is very discrete so I think she will keep it to herself, still weird knowing she might know....

Anywho! Today is the first time since I left the hosp that I was able to wear a Diaper! it feels good and I plan to soak it :P 

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  •  Dartplayerinwvc: 

    Was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago and get it completely. I have to wear at night and pullups at work.

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  •  Hugh_Madbrough: 

    Ah man, that is an unfortunate bit of news there, for sure. And you have my sympathies. As for your mother, don't waste energy thinking about it. Im kinda sure my mom knows, and not once has she ever asked me about it. But I have more important things going on then to worry about i may think what she thinks she knows, ya know?

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  •  HU24-7S: 

    If you're really 30 years old, (as your profile states) and are still afraid of what your mother finds out, you have a serious issue.

    You have a definite medical need to be wearing diapers, and if your mother can't understand that then woe to her.

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  •  kcandprog: 

    Hey sorry to hear about the MS if it ever gets too bad and the regular dr way isn't curing it I have more then a few natropath friends who might be able to give me a list of herbs that will actually get rid of it. Can't go wrong with raw lemons or black seed oil ever though. Sorry to hear about your mom finding out I had a similar situation happen lol.

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