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My first uncontrollable dirty diaper

It was a nice warm after noon as i walked up my driveway kind of keeping my head down  because I knew what was about to come. I remember checking the cars in the driveway to see who is home  and everyone but one person was home . so I just had to be extra careful  I went inside  said hello to the dog  and to the rest of the people at the house  I put my stuff away  and then gathered a few things that I would need and made my way to the garage. which is where I hung out  at the time I had it online mommy. I Skype video called her and what do ya know she doesn't answer. She did however message me right away. All her message said was. "Hiii baby!! Xoxo hope you had a good day and i hope you remembered your werent supposed to make any stiiinkies today cause right now its babies enema time yaaaay!!!!" I replied to that message and getting everything resdy by the time i was basically ready my phone beeped. It was her. She said" i wajt you ti record everything for me and do not change your diaper until i say so is that understood?........




Part 2:



After I read her message of her instructions. I then proceeded Tomb of the office chair to the front of me so it would block and then I can get the tip inside of me and I can fill myself up. the first one that I put in me had to stuff that comes in it when you buy it from the store I believe that's the stuff with the glycerin after I finish that one which my bottom took very quickly I quickly filled it up again with water lukewarm and then empty that one into me I was supposed to hold it for 30 minutes O'Reilly's in big trouble. I sat there as I felt like the stuff was just inside my tummy rumbling and cooking. 8 mins went by and i could no longer wait i needed releif. I turned aroinf ao my big diaper butt was to them and released the luke waem enema causr that was the last thing in me its the first thing out. After I did that for the camera I kind of giggled and I was feeling a little uneasy so I sat down an office chair. SQUISHHY ewwwie i forgot. I was hoping that I didn't stink too bad it wasn't long till I started to feel really uneasy I felt like I was pale white and I started sweating profusely and I felt nauseous. I remembered the glycerin enema had jus been sitting deep inside my intestines just loosing up old mess thats prolly had me backed up. My tummy started turning. It was something that I've never felt before I got scared to be honest I hopped up out of the chair and I was going to run for the bathroom when I took two steps and I was stopped dead in my tracks. Anyone could of opened the door at that moment and they would of seen me and i wouldnt of moved. I couldn't. My body took over andnwas getting all the poo poo oit of me even when rhere was no where for the mess to go I felt it pushing against my diaper the squishing against my bottom i remember standing staring at the garage door with my kneez bent and my hands on mu knees as my diaper filled. Then and only then when i was finished and  had the most fullest diaper I've ever had in my life as an adult I felt complete relief and now I'd be lined up for the bathroom I didn't care I know mommy told me not to change but I have roommates and I need you to take a shower and get that sticky stuff off of my butt LOL that about sums up my first uncontrollable dirty diaper I hope you enjoyed my story is 100% true and it only happened probably four months ago since then I have done suppositories  an i have yet to try castor oil i will share again soon. Bye bye pooopie babies

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