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Non fiction story

II go to sleep every night alone.  Truly alone, no one, nothing.  I get ready the same way for bed, lay out diaper, add pad, add powder, stand against the door with my bottom holding the diaper in place as I pull it up and strap it on.  I put on my boxers as I feel as they help the diaper stay in place.  I’m clean, I’m sleepy and I’m dry.  I get in bed crawl up belly first to my pillow.  It feels so good and I can’t wait for what’s to come.  I pull my blankets over my body it’s warm now so cozy I’m now drifting in and out of conciseness I hear the voice of someone I can’t tell if it’s a male or female voice some times it’s very soft others it’s stern but playful at the same time.  It asks “are you wet?” I always say no! that’s it, nothing else.  It answers back “Don’t lie to me I know you’re wet!”

I am almost there, asleep.  But I say “check me if you don’t believe me “.  I feel a hand, a real hand , materialize and shove it’s way past my boxer on top of my diaper and squeezes .  The voice then says “see I told you you were wet and you lied!  I f you lie you’ll mess yourself in your sleep !”   I feel like I wake up enough to check for myself and it’s true I’m wet! Really wet! Things are freaking me out enough I wake up like sit up straight.  I’m wet I look at the clock it’s only been an hour.  I say “fuck it” aloud.  I get up, I change my now soaked diaper,  new diaper new powder back in bed.  I awake the next morning around 7:30am I rub my eyes clean grab my glasses. Sit forward and that’s when I felt and smelt it.  I had messed my diaper in my sleep.  I mean a lot front to back and side to side.  My ghost said it would happen and it did!

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