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Nourishing Milk for Baby

There you go, tugging at Mommy’s blouse again. Mommy’s precious growing bundle of joy is hungry aren’t you? I need to cover your head with a blankie so the patrons of the mall don’t disturb your meal. There, there, let me hold you safe and close in my arms as I unfasten my nursing bra and remove my lactating breasts. Be gentle, mommies nipples are sore from all of these feedings you’ve been demanding. That’s it, baby, latch on to Mommy’s soft nipple with your little cherub mouth. Drink up, I want your tummy to be happy and full. Take in my nourishing breast milk and enjoy mommy’s warm embrace. Your little mouth latches onto my sensitive nipple, and you begin to suck, taking Mommy’s nourishing, warm, milk into your mouth. You feel better already, don’t you,darling.

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