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On a lighter note

So okay, to break away from the drab, pathetic, boring and whiny woe is me crap I've been putting out here's something on a lighter note. So I went to a concert that I've been waiting for for some time. Genitorturers, orgy, lords of acid. PHENOMENAL SHOW! The whole thing was a blast. I mean yeah, it's at a small venue but honestly the small ones are the best ones where you can actually SEE the band and really get into it. Better than sitting in nosebleeds saying "I think that ant there is the singer" lol. But yeah, heard most of the songs I was hoping to hear and see performed by them all and I'm going to say this..... holy hell the guys in ORGY are tall..... I mean seriously I think I'm average height, I'm used to being able to be eye to eye if not have to kind of look down at the artists when I'm standing on level ground with them but orgy? Yeah I had to look up at them the whole time lol. They also had a nice burlesque troupe doing sets between bands which was fun as well.  And, as usual, Gen was a complete sweetheart and pleasure to talk to. That's one thing I really love about that group aside from the music, lyrics, and video as well as their stage performances. She is really down to earth, and is a really good person, at least that is my experience with her from the now 3 times I've been able to see them live. Every time she's been a decent person and will talk to you.


The only downside I have with meeting an artist that I really enjoy is knowing what to say.... No seriously because I don't want to say the same thing they've heard thousands of times before like "i love your work" or "you rock" well duh? Why else would I have bought a ticket? lol. I do still thank them for the show and say I appreciate all they did, but after that, I'm at a loss usually for what to say to them, though strangely enough I had more of a conversation with the woman working the Merch for Gen, I think it was Angelica Synthetic? But just talking about cosplay and stuff and makeup. lol. It's not that I felt I couldn't talk to Gen, but I just really am at a loss for what to say to her half the time.



If you like rock, or industrial or dance, and you get the chance to see the PRETTY IN KINK tour with Lords of Acid, Genitorturers, ORGY, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse, GO SEE THEM! You will not be disappointed.



Oh, also, Praga of lords was on the floor before ORGY just hanging out. He is also a really nice person, though again, I'm just at a loss for what to talk to him about. I try not to fanboy people and rush up going OMG YOU'RE AWESOME. lol. Actually, I was meeting my friend and walked in on them talking and at first didn't realize who it was, but I did shake his hand and thank him.


Also while at the show, heck I was in chicago, I walked to the venue, I was on vacation.... yup I was drinking lol. Now, I am not a big drinker, I don't do it often at all to be honest. But when I drink, I drink. I made the bartenders do a double take. They'd ring me up a jack and coke and as soon as they turn around to give me my change I wave the empty glass asking for another lol. Now despite being at a concert and on vacation, no I didn't go so far as to be sloppy. 1- I don't want to ruin the concert experience for myself or others, and 2-I didn't want to chance leaking lol. Yeah I had on a very absorbent diaper with stuffer but still, leaks are always a possibility.

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    Wow! I haven't encountered someone else who even mentions Genitorturers these days, much less who has seen them live! Haha, that's so very cool. I would've liked to have gone, but it was really nice hearing about your experience at least. I'm glad it was a good time all around. 

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