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Overnight Diapers

Do you #abdls like to stay in a messy #diaper over night? Why or why not?

abdlmommycrissy 02.13.2018 5 241
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  •  rex111: 

    Go to bed clean with a fresh dip, 99 times out of 100 I wake up in the morning wet and soggy ??

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  •  Alwayswet: 

    And, at night, they might wake up if they feel cold due to a leak.

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  •  Alwayswet: 

    Breastfed babies helplessly make poopies all throughout the day and night. They have no clue it is happening. It can a little spotting, to a complete poopie that oozes up the back and out the front, and leg gathers. At night, while asleep, they wet and mess helplessly. They do not know it has happened unless they start to get uncomfortable. If they are covered in desitin, they sleep until they wake up hungry for more breastmilk.

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  •  pattrice: 

    je n'ai pas eu le choix je suis incontinent depuis 20 ans ,mes couches  sont mouillées toute les nuits et parfois même le lit mais j'aime ça 

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  •  MuppetBoi: 

    Wet is one thing, but not messy! It's full of bacteria and such, and I would hate to have a rash. 

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This Mommy loves using diaper punishment :)
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