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Part 2_Bedwetter Boy Now Diapered 24/7 - Teachable Moments

Almost without incident, I must have been so tired because I hardly remember grandma had me out of my pjs and was changing me as I was half asleep, lifting my legs and bum on command and being wiped clean and oiled and powdered then re-diapered for sleepy time with plastic pants … I drifted off again…


We each had our own rooms … mine had one addition to it when I got home from school that second day… a change table at the end of my room with diapers stored under it for easy open access. No change to my bed or anything but I did notice a new giraffe shaped mirror on the wall which did not really go with my hockey theme of my wall paper and my  handsome hockey stars and soccer star posters of cute guys… but I get it …giraffes are cute in a weird way, in a toddler way… I have to admit. My room smelled different. It smelled like baby powder… and there was a diaper pail with a top on it at the end of the change table…and it was opaque and looked like there were already some diapers in there.  As I walked in observing the changes, I stopped in my tracks.  I was holding my crotch and rubbing my plastic pants as they kept getting warmer under my jeans because I was just having a nice relieving pee. ahhh! …. ooh… oh now I am crouching down slightly to push out a poo because I just feel better when I do this. “Better, yes that feels better.” I said to myself. 


I went into my brother’s rooms to see if there was anything different but not much except that they both had new study lamps on their desks. I went back to my room and sat down on my desk chair to read, feeling my mushy bum in my poopy diaper and enjoying the smell wafting up as I read my textbook. I wiggled around a bit and then I felt the mooshy lump at the back slide and smooshed up the front of my diaper. It felt like warm messy heaven.  My best friend Gary was coming to study and play and have dinner with us…I could hear grandma letting him in the front door…he only knew I wet the bed and wore diapers a lot of the time…I guess he will learn more today…. then I heard Gram say ”Get down here Rod.” I went down in a pair of sweat pants, my superman tee-shirt and was trying to stay a distance away, looking on from the stairs in case he smelled my full diaper (which I did smell)…Grandma, with her nose, caught it. She had let him in and said “ Boys come in the kitchen and I will make you hot chocolate but you have to open the newspaper and each read me an article.”  Once in the kitchen she said “ Gary you stay here. I want to see you Rod upstairs and you’ll clean up your room while I watch before you both go up there and make another mess!” She grabbed me by the scruff and pulled me toward the stairs as I looked back and waved good-bye to Gary.  I was marched upstairs and when we got to the turn the top of the stairs she said “  Well Mr. Poopy pants we have to do a quick change so get right up on the change table when we get in your room and we’ll get you into a fresh diaper and plastic pants.” I jumped up on the change table onto my knees then slowly turned and eased back on my bottom to feel my poo pie smoothy push up between my legs and up my crack.  I laid on my back while Grandma pulled my pants and my plastic pants off.  I had my feet up and Grandma was wiping my bum when I looked over and saw Gary looking in at the whole production.  None of us knew what to do.  Grandma just yelled, “Gary get in here!” I was shocked and he was looking at me as my fresh diaper was being fitted on me and pinned. It was as if time stopped. I kept looking over as I heard my Grandma say, “Ok let’s get your plastic pants on now, lift up your bum.”  So what does one do when their best friend is seeing them being changed into a fresh diaper?  Grandma knew!  “Gary, come here. Do I need to check your pants?” he moved towards her in an uncomfortable way and then she grabbed his arm and said, “ The best thing for someone uncertain about their ability to get to the toilet is to have them lie down here and get them in a cozy diaper and rubber pants. “Knowing that this is a really big secret, everyone here has automatically promised not to tell anyone about being in diapers, but agrees to stay in their diapers all afternoon and not use the toilet at all.” Before I knew it Gary was oiled and powdered and in a diaper and plastic pants.  We put on only our t-shirts and played video games for hours.  Some funny smells drifted by so we knew we were both messy and needed a change. We looked at each other as we crouched down and giggled and laughed and held our crotches. 


Part 3 coming soon!

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