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Personal Update

A personal update...




So, many of you are probably wondering what happened to me.


Why I have not been too active online, or why I mostly just seem to login to RP these days.


Why suddenly I seem to focus a a few people vs my larger network of friends.




Well, as you all know, my life took a dramatic turn.


Some of which I could have prevented by responding better to a bad situation.


This has let me to reclusing a bit more, and moving back to Seattle:


Minus the wolf I love dearly and still care about a lot.


(Though I still welcome him into my life.)




I've been living in Seattle, for a couple years now.


Got a full time job at the Big Orange Box.


Got a part time job cleaning for SMH/SH/ABM.


I do still also work on computers and websites in the limited free time I now have.




I'm also mated (in a poly relationship) to a wonderful pup as my primary.


He's also working on my fursuit.


We've created a small pack of littlefurs here in Seattle as well.




So, I've become very busy.




Also, many of you remember The TNSC Community.


Well, it's still one of my biggest projects, even though it's no longer TNSC.


(You should have noticed things about it here in other journals.)


I decided to re-brand TNSC into two community sites:


Drako's Den (18+ only) for kinky furries to be able to connect and share their kinks.


Drako's Playground (SFW) is for furries and folks of alternative lifestyles to connect and share their lives with like minded folks.


Both sites are still fully functional communites and still celebrate the creativity of the sites' users.




I do want to start my writing again, but have been finding it hard to do so.


Have been lacking the inspiration and the words to make it meaningful.




Also, I have opened up my kinky side, being more open about being into things like chastity and diapers too.


(I even let folks go to Drako's Den to sign up for turns being my chastity key holder.)




I have also come to realize that I have developed a small list of species that I have a soft spot for.


You could call it a fetish for the following species:








Big Cats (Lions/Panthers)






While I just cannot say no to those species, it doesn't mean I only play with them.


I am willing to play with all, its just easier for these species.




But if you want a feline playmate, especially if you are one of the species above, feel free to shoot me a message on Skype, Discord, Telegram, ect...

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