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Okay, I get that everyone has some sort of political view. That's fine, and not all political views match my own, again that's jsut the way things are and I'm fine with that. Hell if everyone thought the exact same way on everything, where would the fun be and what would be the point? Anyways, I get that you may feel one way or another about government activities, political figures, policies, etc etc etc. That's fine, you can think and feel whatever you want. Here's the thing, I'm one of those people that know about TIME and PLACE. What do I mean by that? I feel that there is a TIME and PLACE to discuss or rant about such things. More the rant, as few people can actually sit and discuss without it becoming a heated rant. No seriously you ever try to talk to someone with opposing political views and try to prove your point only to have them turn red and scream in your face? yeah. That's not a discussion, that's a rant.


See, when I log onto my "fet" twitter, or facebook, my abdl sites, my abdl PERSONALS, politics is the last thing I want to see. If I want to rant about how I think the government is fucked up, I'll go to my "vanilla" facebook. I'll go onto a site where they discuss or rant about politics. I'm not going to hop on fetlife and diapermates, dailydiapers, diaperspace and go on and on and on about politics. Why? Because I don't feel like that is the place for it. Now, I will give exception to something going on in the UK where they were talking about the government stepping in and blocking adult sites from the country. That ONE topic, does have a place in those communities I previously mentioned because technically all the ABDL sites would be considered "adult sites". But other than that, I don't care who you voted for. I don't want to know what side you are on. I don't feel like that kinda topic is something to talk about in these forums. Same with religion. It's a lot like things you don't talk about at work. Politics and religion. They always start fights, there is usually a lot of screaming. Not worth it.


Anyways, just thought I would speak my mind about this. I'm just a lil tired of seeing political posts on these sites on either side of the fence. With me, against me, I'm just tired of the politics.

liljester 03.18.2018 1 460
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  •  Sissyjeff: 

    You just stay in the dark by yourself then. It is important to express any and everything on this or any other site. Just don't read the posts.

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