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Pooping pants

who would want to deal with me being naughty as I poop my pantsĀ 

Babygirl400 10.18.2018 14 349
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  •  Dducky97: 

    Continue being naughty? I will put you in the time out and watch you squeeze that poop out. But do it dare devilish? I will spank you and will make you wear it for the whole night no changing bum! That my way of taking care of naughty girls

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  •  rcdriver19: 

    I would

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  •  PPRebel: 

    I would xxx

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  •  DanielABDL: 

    Hang on...Did he mean "not right now, but some time"   or "not now, not ever.."   O.o


     10.20.20181 replies1 replies 
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  •  YummyABBoy: 

    <raises hand into air>

    Umm, right here ;-)

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