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Public Humiliation

The day after Thanksgiving my baby called me while he was driving, and told me that he was up for a little playtime.  I found out that he was wearing his diaper, and a wet, messy diaper at that!  He needed to get some gas, so I told him to pull over to the next exit with a gas station, and fuel up...without his pants on, just his saggy, soggy diaper and a shirt.  He told me days later that he had never felt more humiliated or excited in his life.  He said the way everyone was staring was absolutely fabulous, and that he can't wait till I tell him to do that again!  How many other babies would like to be seen in public like that, humiliated like that?

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  •  Piggins: 

    Why the need to be told? Be bold enough to just do it on your own it will be just as embarrasing and humiliating plus you can pride yourself on being such a brave little man in front of all those leering laughing faces as you walk out the store across the lot - carry your change bag with you and a paci on your finger.

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  •  BigCryBaby: 

    You can not get arrested for wearing a diaper in public. You are not exposing yourself nor are you naked. Many adults were garments out of need. Always wanted to take Hawaii ABDLs down Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki on Halloween night along with all the other adults in the costumes. Except we are not wearing them, are being our wittle selves. 

    So waddle on wiff Pride my wittle friends! Enjoy da thrill!

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  •  pisspants: 

    good way to get arrested

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  •  BabyJoey2: 
    I went to an outlet place and went to far end and took off pants so only diaper on the bottom. I wet my diaper so it was sagging. I locked my clothes in my backpack and walked back to car like that. Got a lot of stares and giggles and it was one of the most humiliating and exciting times of my life.
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  •  SoakedSheets: 
    That sounds quite horrible to me! I would never want to have my diapers exposed in public like that!
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