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Okay, so I may not be HIGHLY active on here anymore, but obviously I am still around. I mean here I am posting so yeah. Any way, every now and then I'll look through profiles, maybe drop a line saying hello to someone. If they respond, cool. If they ignore me, okay fine. That's their choice I'm not going to sit there and bombard them with messages until they finally DO reply.  Here's my problem, people that despite you NOT replying....... continuously message you. I have messages from one user dating back to last year, them continuously saying "Hi" to me. I know, what's the harm in replying back. See here's the thing. I'm sure I'm not the only person that does this either. When I get a message from someone, I check their profile. If they seem like someone I will want to talk to, I'll reply. If they don't seem like someone I want to talk to, then ignore the message, close the box whatever. Like if they actually fill out their profile, and I like what I rad, as in they put in details about themselves....more than "Hi I wear diapers, I get off from diapers", sorry that's just not enough to grab my attention. This IS a diaper site after all, pretty sure most of us wear them either for fun, or need.  But, if they actually have details about what they like, what they're looking for, what they're interested in other than just diapers.... okay I'll bite, I'll reply and start talking.  But this individual, pretty basic profile of "I like diapers". yeah, good for you. bye.


Listen folks, just fill out your profiles. Talk about yourself. Let others know stuff about you so they know what to talk about other than what you are or aren't wearing and the condition of it. Also, if you send a message to someone....and they don't reply, STOP MESSAGING THEM! Seriously it's annoying that I have messages from the same person dating back months and none of which I've replied to. Like I said earlier, if I message someone, and they don't reply I jsut move on. I'm not going to keep filling their messenger or inbox if they aren't replying. It's annoying.

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    100% agree!  First, fill out your own profile.  You don't need to get really personal with all your information but real age, general location and your interests in the AB/DL lifestyle would be proper.  I'm a DL and I don't have much interest in chatting with an AB or sissy or roll play.  Stating I'm DL makes that clear however I'm not against chatting with an AB as long as they are aware it's not something I'm into.  That way any conversation can be kept to general terms about diapers or other interests.  last thing I want someone to ask me is if they can roll play with me or be my mommy or be a daddy to them.  NOT WHO I AM!

    I always read another person's profile and if they have no information, I move on to someone else.  I have messaged a few people stating I am a straight DL just looking to see if they want to chat.  If I get a response, fine.  If not, no problem.  Sometimes I don't remember if I sent someone a PM before until I open a PM box under their name.  Then I can see if they responded before or not.  There are ways to know before you send someone a message or PM if you have contacted them before and if they responded.  If they haven't, DON'T KEEP BOTHERING THEM!  DROP IT AND MOVE ON!

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