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SO I kinda took a leap...

Okay, now I haven't really outted myself, and I don't THINK I crossed any lines but oh well here we go. So, I have a female coworker. We get along, we joke around and when we were working the same job, we worked together more often than not because well she couldn't stand the other workers and honestly, neither could I. Still can't. Anyways, like I said, we joke around with one another. She knows I am kinky, but she doesn't know what all I am into or do or anything. I don't sit there going on about my previous sex life....and I don't ask about hers. C'mon, that's an obvious no no. One of the things we joke about well, I would give her a hard time for apparently always having to excuse herself to the bathroom. I would joke about her needing pullups. She'd laugh and we'd go about our day. Joke about "close calls" getting to the bathroom in which again, I'd say something about pullups. Plus, I've noticed she had what I consider little tendencies. If something makes a noise when shaken, she can't help but to sit there and shake it a lot. That's just a basic example. Well, I decided, the hell with it. She was moving to a desk gig, so I thought I would "prank" her. Since we or well I kept suggessting pull ups to her, I actually went out and bought some and snuck them into her desk with a note "for when you can't trust a fart". I warned her to check her desk, and she did. She messaged me laughing about it............then asked how to sneak them out. Okay, that kinda turned my head a bit. I told her I'd help her out with that, gave her something to sneak them out in. She in fact snuck them out that day. She even told me, she was cutious to try them out. I just said "Hey go for it, what do you have to lose." and kinda left it at that. I haven't heard anything about them since really, then again I'm NOT going to sit there and ask for pictures, or ask if she wore them or used them. I figured I'd just give the litle nudge leaving them for her, if she wanted to try them or not would be up to her. Though, one day I saw her scurrying to the bathroom and (mind you NOBODY ELSE WAS AROUND) I said, "hey, you have pullups for a reason." she looked at me and just said ,"Yeah but I'm not going to shit my britches."......I just said "good call" but uhm, yeah that jsut left me to think that she has at least tried them.


I don't really see anything progressing, I mean yeah we get along BUT...... even though theres nothing saying no hooking up with coworkers, well, it's always a bad idea anyways. I wouldn't mind but, yeah. Also, I don't plan on exposing this part of myself to her anytime soon. I'm cool with friends.

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