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SO...i have a channel....

okay first off, no I'm not trying to get people to tune in or subscribe. Why? Because, it's nothing. No, seriously, I've had a channel for years and just really never bothered to put anything on it. I'm debating if I should..... Don't want to put myself parading in a diaper on it, I mean there are plenty of ab's doing that....some a lil more annoying than others. Hey c'mon someone spamming facebook groups so that all you see is them prompting their channel, that's a bit annoying don't ya think?


But, the reason I'm sitting here debating on posting anything on it is, someone actually subscribed to it. I guess it was one of those you follow me I follow you deals but still, I'm sitting here going uhhhhhh hmmmmm. don't know what to post. I don't like people being subscribed to something that has zero activity....jsut dunno what to put out there ya know? Also, all of their rules are a bit hard for me to follow. Not the no nudity stuff, NOT A PROBLEM.... I'm very comfortable NOT showing off my genitals to the public. It's mainly the music. I always have something playing so I could see almost any video I make get taken down due to copyright crap.

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