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Secrets out now.... Pt. 2
After i explained its much more than a kink, an that ive always felt unloved or not good enough. Being i had a chaotic father and a young mom. Im not to sure the combination but i wet the bed and wore pull up goodnights till 9 years old. My friend had empathy for me, which wasn't my goal but it was nice to be understood for once. So she asked a couple questions and i answered honestly. An she said it was cute and i replied i wish i coule show you my onsies an better yet i wish you could babysit me. Her response was i was actually gunna ask if u already had one and if not i could use the money and would be willing to babysit me. She asked about my little age when i said 1-2 she again simply said awee a little baby. *blushing* noo me noo baby. She played along and told me yes huh... u wear diapers don't you. I grew frustrated because she was 100% right. I had a look of being defeated an she said it was okay. She calmed me down an we talked for a few and we made plans for the following week of being watched. (This is true story and hopefully this happens next week doesn't fall thru and everything goes good :) i will blog about me being babysat afterwards )
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  •  Alexandernolan: 

    You know, o wanted to wear nappies at the age of five. Then I got pushed in front of a car. When I came to I was in a different country and in nappies. I was taken out and abused so bad that I lost consciousness, I was drawn, hung in closets even walked on. I was not hurt in nappies. I had a bad childhood before but because of the accident I forgot. When I was put in care at the age of seven, I had to hide the occasional nappy. I was told of so many times. I'm 30 now and I want to breastfeed because I want to feel loved. It has been hard for me and I wanted to commit suicide because of my past and the situation where I live. But life seems to be going ok at the moment iv got two part time jobs. I'm earning money. Now I just need a girlfriend to mess it up again!

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  •  Chucky: 

    I hope it really works for you, good luck.

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  •  twinkdaddy: 

    Pictures or it didnt happen!

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  •  BbMommy: 

    I hope it does work out for you, that would be so lucky! I'll keep my fingers crossed that she'll be a very good babysitter for you. :)

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Wanting to be in diapers
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